no stitching

Hello everyone, I don’t have any stitching to show you today, unfortunately, because there hasn’t been a lot of crafting going on here. I do have some news to share though – dates for the house move are booked – yay!  That will be happening over 2 days: 23rd – 24th June. I will be without internet connexion for a while following this period.

After the weeks of sorting, clearing and taking things to the local tip, I now need to get into “boxing mode”.  Boxes will be delivered on Saturday – so I’ll have 3 weeks to get the job done.  Am not looking forward to it ^^ but it has to be done.

One of the things I’m going to miss about this house is our small garden and fruit patch.  The blackberry bush (which gave 15 kilos of fruit last year) is in flower but we won’t be here to harvest the berries . . . will the future owners be making their own brand of Chupin’s Special, I wonder?  However, we are enjoying our strawberries ^^


This doesn’t look like much, but it represents what I pick each day.  Just enough for me and my other half to enjoy a small bowl of strawberries for dessert every evening. 

Oh and other chat, but no photo . . . Merlin brought yet another baby rabbit home last night!  I didn’t take a photo of this one, as he wasn’t very docile and got a bit “kicky” if I tried to hold him for snapshot.  He was brought home in the early hours of the morning and plopped on the mat by the front door.  That’s where my husband found him, and I popped him into the cat travel box for a few hours, before taking him back to the embankment.

This was Merlin’s THIRD live baby rabbit this month!


4 thoughts on “no stitching

  1. the berries look yummy – I hope your new place has a garden where you can grow such yummy things! As for the rabbits, Merlin is a magician alright! At least he isn’t killing the babies, and you can take them back out. Have FUN packing. Somehow, make it a game or a contest…

  2. The strawberries do look delicious !! Your garden is so much earlier than ours…the leaves are just coming out on the apple trees I hope I have crab apples for making jelly this year ! I too hope you have a lovely big garden at your new place…good luck with packing and moving 🙂 …Izz

  3. yeah for the move taking place early – I hope that menas all the paperwork is all a-OK.
    Naughty Merlin – i suppose he is feeling the changes taking place and jsut wishing a little extra attention from you

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