cats in training

It’s amazing (but true ^^) how animals can sense  that change is in the air, ages before that change actually takes place. We’re still a long way off from removal day  but the cats know something is going to happen soon. Now I realise they have seen us doing lots of sorting and cleaning. They’ve also seen us dismantle a few pieces of furniture . . . and the house has had lots of visitors recently, for the sale and removal estimates. But how do they know we aren’t just having a “Spring Clean” and that the “visitors” aren’t just friends?

Sorry for the poor quality of photos – but I wanted to show you this.

in training

Before news of the move we never saw all four cats together like this.  The house is big enough so that they can spread out, and each find a quiet place to curl up.  However, over the last few weeks, this is becoming a very familiar sight.

They cannot know that, when we move, it will be to a small flat (temporarily, until we have time to do some serious house-hunting) . . . but I really believe they can sense that they will soon be living in a more confined space . . . and they’re getting into training for the occasion!

As for Le Bleu – he really doesn’t like change . . . and is doing everything within his power to make sure that day-to-day routine continues as normal.  One of the big routines in his life is our quiet time together in the evening.  Routine dictates that, after dinner, Claire clears the table. Claire makes herself a coffee.  Claire sits in her armchair and then Le Bleu cuddles up for several hours while Claire stitches.

in waiting

Every evening this is how he waits lol.

We’re throwing out our living room furniture when we move. It’s too old, too big, and not worth transporting.  BUT I’m taking my armchair with me ^^


5 thoughts on “cats in training

  1. How do they know? I did chuckle at the sight of all of them on the bed. Our Allie will never be near Tigger by choice, in spite of Tigger’s great efforts. Zumba is their go-between, and she and Allie or she and Tigger are often together on the bed. But never all three. Maybe we should pack to move?

    • believe it or not, we have a stray that keeps popping in at the moment too – I’ve told him/her that now is not the moment lol. We’ve got enough animals to keep us busy and I’m not taking on anymore!

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