“Unicorn & Maiden” (Joan Elliott) update

I know that several followers are impatient to see an update of my fractal folly project “DreamCatcher” . . . unfortunately I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything too complicated these past few days/weeks.  The logistics of the house sale and move have my little brain working overtime as it is, so for the few hours I do find time to stitch, I prefer to work on something less challenging.

On a side note: we have done the first signing of contracts. However, France being France, we now have to sit and wait for official delays to pass and hope that nothing falls through. Buyers have 45 days to get their approval for bank loan – we won’t know if everything is definitely “on” until 7th July and hope to do final signing early August.  In the meantime I’m having fun and games with removal companies. Trying to get coherent quotes from several companies. 

Anyway, when I have found time (and motivation) to stitch, I’ve been working on “Unicorn & Maiden” by Joan Elliott. 

Last time it looked like this

unicorn 04 05 14

now it looks like this

unicorn 20 05a

As you can see, I’ve been working on the gown.  There are some “holes” here and there as I don’t have the beads or blending filament yet.  Not a problem – I prefer to add beads and glitz at the end.

unicorn 20 05b


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