Cirque des Cercles–stage 6

It’s 18th May – time to show you latest stitching on “Cirque des Cercles” by Ink Circles.

For this stage, Avis and I attacked the six small circle outlines on top and filled in three centres.  (I managed to invert something again lol).

stage6 a

stage 6 c

You can see Avis’ version on her blog Sewing Beside the Sea.  It’s always amazing how different fabric and thread can totally change a design.

We’re also joined in our SAL by Gun in Sweden, who is taking the opportunity to finish off a set of flowers – you can see her gorgeous work on her blog Rutigt.  And Jules, from Germany has decided to get back to work on a butterfly project she began ages ago.  You can see her updates on From the Boudoir.

Next update on June 8th ^^


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