patchwork exhibition

I stopped going to weekly patchwork club sessions when I found out about the future move because I knew I wouldn’t have much free time to keep up all my activities. However, that hasn’t stopped me popping by to say “hello” to the ladies from time to time, and admire their work. 

Today they put on their annual exhibition in a local hall – so I, of course, went along to enjoy the display and catch up on all the chat.

Here is a little selection of some of the ladies’ work.


Not sure whose work this is, but the top sampler is one of the first year projects. I especially like this one because of the extra vertical bands top and bottom.


This one is Catherine’s work.  She had combined blocks from both first year and second year samplers to make a very large top. She hasn’t finished yet – still needs to do outer sashing, quilting and binding . . . but I really love her choice of colours.


This lovely yellow bird quilt is by Aline – for her grandson.


And this one by Mireille – quilting in red on white fabric, which makes this quilt very stunning.


And Josiane’s WIP . . . she is making this for her daughter, who chose the colours.  Still needs sashing, quilting and binding, but the patchwork part is complete ^^


And last photo (I don’t know whose work these are) of some table runners/ mats and some appliqué WIPs.

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