an eventful night

I had an eventful night last night!

Woken up around 2am by a sort of “scream” downstairs.  My other half was away, I therefore had no one I could kick out of bed and send to investigate, so had to be brave on my own ^^  Le Bleu and Gandalf were on the bed looking very alert. Willow was on the stairs looking very curious . . . and Blackjack was looking rather unsure of what was going on. 

That just leaves Merlin. 

And there he was – with a baby rabbit in his mouth!  Now I didn’t tell you, but he actually brought a baby rabbit home 2 weeks ago. How he managed to get through 2 cat flaps with a rabbit in his mouth, I’ll never know, but he did. And 2 weeks ago, my other half was here, so he put on his shoes and took baby rabbit back to the embankment at the end of the road where we have a large wild rabbit population.

Anyway, no way on earth was I going to get dressed at 2am and take the rabbit back . . . so I picked it up, and put it in a cat travel box for the night.


Back to bed I went . . . only to be woken about an hour later by cat wailing coming from the garage, and Blackjack barking.  Quick head-count of cats on the bed with me . . . 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . all present and accounted for.  So back downstairs I went . . . to find a stray cat in the garage. Silly thing had come in through the cat flap and then couldn’t work out how to get outside again. 

Back to bed I went, cursing all cats . . . and back to sleep . . . only to be woken AGAIN around 5am by Gandalf who was leaping around the bedroom and Willow who was growling.  I couldn’t quite make out what was going on at first. Gandalf seemed to be leaping uncontrollably into the air, as if possessed.  I turned the light on . . . and saw what was going on. He was playing with a baby rat!!!!! 

Typical cat play (cat owners will know exactly what I mean and others will probably think “how cruel”). He was throwing the rat up in the air, and as it tried to scurry off on landing, Gandalf pounced and sent it flying again. 

Now I’d already saved a rabbit . . . at 5am I wasn’t in any fit state to go crawling on my hands and knees after a rat. It was too small, too quick, and there were far too many hiding places.  So, I just got back into bed, stuck my head under the quilt and let nature take its course.

I got up this morning and knew the rabbit had survived the night. Four cats, all sniffing the travel box and trying to get at what was inside. Rat wasn’t quite so lucky. His corpse was lying on the floor just outside the loo Confus  I didn’t think anyone would like a photo of that!

Anyway, I checked baby rabbit over.


I found two tooth marks on a hind leg which is obviously where Merlin grabbed him. I cleaned and disinfected that and made sure the leg was “working” normally.  It was.  Then I took him back to the embankment.  I also checked out what the white fur marking indicates (pretty sure it had something to do with age). I was right – apparently all baby rabbits have this white marking which disappears around 4 – 5 weeks old (when they are weaned) so, in theory, this little chap (or lassie) is old enough to fend for himself and won’t need to find his Mum.

I have no idea exactly where Merlin found him – there are rabbit holes everywhere. So I did a sort of “eeny meeney, miney mo” and popped him down next to an area of long grass.  3 seconds later, rabbit had hopped and disappeared further into the grass, ears perked up . . . I’m just hoping Merlin doesn’t bring any more baby rabbits home.


6 thoughts on “an eventful night

  1. Crikey! What an eventful night.
    Our cats used to love bringing home presents for me too. One flat I lived in had the back door in the bedroom, and that’s where we put the cat flap. One day I got home to find two very embarrassed cats sitting on top of the wardrobe, watching a huge crow that was flapping round the room below them. I have no idea how they got it in through the cat flap but I’m thinking that they regretted it afterwards 😛

  2. Oh My Goodness Claire, I can identify with you 100% lol I have had a few nights like that when we had 4 cats and 2 dogs. I know exactly what you mean by cat play….no rats, but there was always a mouse on the door step and sometimes they would get carried in unnoticed lol we had one cat MacGyver who would catch little green snakes ..Yuk…glad all your mystery sounds were small ones and you get some rest tonight 🙂 …Izz

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