everything is so slow

Hello everyone

My blogging activites are on a go-slow although I am trying to stop by on blogs I follow to leave comms when I can. As you can imagine, the “house sale and move” saga is continuing. Every country has different laws and ways of doing things. In France it seems to be quite a slow process, but that’s probably because I’m impatient ^^

After the offer we received and accepted, I dropped paperwork off at solicitor’s and we have an appointment on 19th May (with potential buyers) to sign what is called a “promesse de vente”. They will then (legally) have 45 days in which to get their mortgage approved by their bank.  They won’t necessarily need the entire 45 days, and both sides are hoping it will only be a question of weeks.  However, with banks and mortgages, one never can tell.

We are already planning the move (regardless of how quickly things progress with the sale) and that is also taking longer than I had anticipated.  Had three removal companies round for quotes.  One chap was all high-tech, with touch screen laptop etc and got back to me via email with pdf file. The others did it the old fashioned way: pen and clipboard . . . and will be sending figures by snail mail !!!  Until I have figures, we can’t choose our removal company.  And I’m a little worried that the removal date we’ve decided on will be all booked up by then.  I am growing a few more grey hairs with the waiting, and above all, feeling slightly frustrated because nothing seems to be happening very fast.

Anyway – we have been doing some more clearing & sorting. A few more trips to the local tip with some large items.  I’ve also been playing with my vacuum cleaner ^^ but not for housework.  I bought some of these


after hearing loads of people talking about them.  My first attempt at getting a quilt into a bag and sucking out air had me working up a sweat and in all sorts of contorsions lol.  When it was done, however, I was really pleased with the result until . . . I stupidly left the bag on the couch, Le Bleu came along and . . . yep you’ve guessed!   Bag now has holes from cat claws so is no longer air-tight ^^

Not to be deterred, I set to work stuffing double-sized quilts into more bags (having mastered the technique, more or less) and making sure no cats were around.


And these bags really do seem to work!  I’ve managed to pack THREE double-sized quilts into a medium sized suitcase.  I did these 48 hours ago, checked on them this morning, and they’re still as air-tight as when I did them.

Yesterday I needed a day off . . . so threaded up my sewing machine and set to work on a new patchwork project. I can’t show you photos of the patchwork side, as this is a present and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. However, I can tell you that I’m trying a new technique and am quilting my blocks separately (by machine) and will be joining them together at the end.  With my little machine, this seems to be the most practical way of doing things and it’s not quite as scarey as tackling the piece as a whole.

Here is a sneak peak of the back though


I don’t think I’m giving too much away by showing you that ^^  I did umm and ahh about using a purple thread for quilting, but then decided to use white and have quilting really stand out.  So far I’ve quilted 6 of my 18 blocks . . . and am enjoying myself immensely.


4 thoughts on “everything is so slow

  1. Moving house is such a lot of work, and so stressful. I never want to do it again! Those vacuum bags are great though, aren’t they. I have some and use them to store quilts, blankets and spare bedding.
    Hope your move all works out 🙂

  2. Those storage bags are great. They hold themselves compact for many months. I did read somewhere that if you are storing something for a really long time – that you should put the air back into them after 6 months. You have been so busy and the legal side of the sale of a house is agonising – I feel for you

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