A funny title for a post, you might think lol, but Wendy of The Crafter’s Apprentice asked me a question (which I answered via my comms) . . . but the teacher in me, thought I’d go one step farther ^^ 

Wendy had noticed that I often use ^^ when I’m writing and wanted to know what it meant.  A simple answer – it’s a “smile”.  Most people know that in emoticon language, the : – ) (without spaces) gives us a smiley like this Sourire and with other combinations we can express other emotions.  What’s interesting though is that in the Western world, we tend to concentrate on the form of the mouth with our smiley so use ) or D depending on whether we want the face to smile Sourire or laugh Rire . . . whereas in the East, the smile is expressed more by the eyes than the mouth.

I think that a genuine smile really does involve the eyes which would explain all my crows feet or “laugh lines” as people so politely call them and which is also why I prefer to use the ^^ , which can also be typed ^_^

Anyway, in order to illustrate this better . . . I asked my daughter, aka Lindashee, to do a quick sketch for me (I mean, why go looking for a picture to copy from the net, when my daughter can produce a unique sketch just for me?).  And here’s what she came up with in only  a few minutes


This little character is drawn in what is called “Chibi” style, meaning a small childlike character.  I think you can see exactly how the eyes show how joyful/happy the little girl is . . . and that’s basically what I convey when I type ^^

So thank you, Wendy, for asking that question ^^


3 thoughts on “^^

  1. Excellent explanation Claire – the MOTH and I had given your ^^ a thought or too previously – and came up with either smiling eyes or eyebrows raised – as we thought it covered several emotions.

  2. ah I see! OK, so now I know! I hadn’t seen your reply to my comment, I never go back to read the replies as there’s barely enough time to read everyone’s blogs and comment without returning!

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