happy dancing with Lindashee’s four seasons hearts

Hello folks – two posts in one day . . . this one to share some happy dancing with you ^^  As you’ve seen, over the past months, I have been stitching Lindashee’s free seasons heart designs and recently began the “finishings”.  Today I have finished, so rushed upstairs with a length of bamboo to take some pictures.  I can’t take a photo of all four hanging side by side, as I didn’t have a piece of bamboo long enough. Besides, these will be going in a box for the next few months because of the house-move.

Anyway, here they are.  Starting with “Spring Daisies”

03banner spring

“Summer Waves”

02banner summer

“Autumn Feathers”

04banner autumn

“Winter Sparkles”

01banner winter

The four together, just laid on the floor

banners x4

and one photo of a back – they’re all the same. Just a cream solid fabric and simple straight line quilting

banners back

I have to say I am rather proud of myself ^^  And, now that they’re all finished, I love them all. 

As I’ve said before, these charts are all frees, designed and charted by my daughter, aka Lindashee.  If you stitch any of her designs, she would love to receive photos of your stitching.


15 thoughts on “happy dancing with Lindashee’s four seasons hearts

    • the ^^ is a sort of happy smile – if you’ve ever watched Japanese cartoons (manga) the character’s eyes are often drawn that way, like little inverted v when they are smiling.

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