“Cirque des Cercles”–stage 5

It’s time to show latest progress on “Cirque des Cercles” a design by Ink Circles that I’m stitching as a SAL along with Avis of Sewing Beside the Sea.

For this stage it was a question of filling in the remaining small circles at the bottom. 


I’m stitching on a dark green 24 count Lugana using “Wild Poppies” by Threadworx.  And still loving my choice of colours ^^

You can check out Avis progress on Sewing Beside the Sea . . . and we’ve been joined in our little SAL by Gun, from Sweden – yay!  Gun had decided to get back to work on some flower designs she began.  Our 3-weekly posts are just what she needs to give her incentive. You can check out her lovely work on her blog Rutigt.  Next photo on 18th May, I believe.


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