“DreamCatcher” fractal

Although I don’t really have much progress to show, I thought I’d post a photo nonetheless because it might spur me on to do some more stitching on my “Dream Catcher”, fractal folly, project.  I’ve been letting myself be distracted by other stitching and sewing . . . and haven’t had too many evenings this month where I’ve felt in the right frame of mind to concentrate on lots of symbols and thread changes.

A month ago, I showed you where I was at . . .

14 03 24

and exactly one month later . . . I’m still on page one ^^

14 04 24

It’s nothing like the progress I had hoped for so will have to try and do better this coming month.

To remind you what the design will look like (one day)



8 thoughts on ““DreamCatcher” fractal

  1. its going to be stunning and your progress is great for such an intense project.its not easy to focus on just one thing 🙂 and variety is the spice of life 😉

  2. It’s looking very good Claire, with so many other projects on the go. Any progress is good progress 🙂 happy stitching. Izz

  3. It’s coming on nicely 🙂
    When you’ve got several interests, it’s hard sometimes to make time for them all. I haven’t managed any cross stitch for ages as I’ve got so many other things on the go.

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