“Summer Waves” banner happy dance

I’ve been busy with my sewing machine, in between housework and sorting, adding binding and loops to the four heart seasons designed by Lindashee.  Today I have my first happy dance – and can show you the “Summer Waves” finished.

summer banner

For the moment I’ve just put a length of bamboo through the top.  I may well use bamboo for the rods on all four since we have a huge bamboo plant in the garden.  The question will be, do I cut a short length for each? or do I cut a long length and have all four hanging together?  Hmm, will have to think about that.

summer bannera

Anyway, here is my first banner, swinging gently in the breeze next to our strawberry plants which are in flower.  Looking forward to the first home-grown strawberries of the year if the slugs don’t eat them first.

Meanwhile, indoors, Merlin has ousted Gandalf from his favourite sleeping spot

merlin 2204

but never fear, Gandalf is happily curled up on the bed ^^


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