“Spring Daisies” (by Lindashee) quilted

This morning I was busy with housework (again) as I had phone call from estate agent yesterday saying he would be bringing a family to visit the house . . . so I skooted around, vacuuming, mopping, making my taps shine and then stayed out in the garden with Blackjack while the visit was taking place. I love animals, but I realise some people don’t – so best to keep the enthusiastic Blackjack out of the way ^^

Once we were allowed back indoors, I spent a short while with my sewing machine . . . I’ve been itching to do this


I’ve chosen an off white and green fabric for “Spring Daisies” by Lindashee.  I love the way it really makes the blue sky stand out.  Quilting is (as always) far from perfect . . . I’m still having trouble with rucking and I know why. I should be using the walking foot BUT I can’t attach my rod to that, so I used normal foot and have rucking lol.


I’ve used a gold coloured cotton thread for quilting, on all four . . . here they are, squared off and awaiting the next stage which is, of course, binding.


Not quite sure when that will happen. Maybe over the weekend because I’ve just realised it’s a Bank Holiday this weekend with Easter Monday. 


9 thoughts on ““Spring Daisies” (by Lindashee) quilted

  1. They’re beautiful, Claire! I hope your showing went well and these folks buy your property so you no longer have to keep it immaculate – been there, done that! 🙂

    • would be so wonderful if the first viewing was “the one” lol. No feedback from those people, but it’s been Bank Hol weekend, so you never know. Phone call from estate agent to say he’s bringing someone else round on Saturday, so guess what I’ll be doing on Friday? Yep, housework.

  2. FAB 4 – you have a great job. I wonder what colour you will bind them all in. Have you googled your machine and walking foot to see if there is a tutorial somewhere as to connect it correctly. Or post some photos and your loyal fans may be able to figure it out together. Happy Easter 🙂

    • machine is a very basic one from Lidl, Debbie, so not really meant for quilting and such. One day I’ll save up and buy myself something slightly better . . . but for the meantime, I’m not too bothered by a little rucking. If it was perfect, no one would believe I made it ^^

  3. They all look great Claire, beautiful work! You are so good at matching the perfect fabric to each heart design !

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