“Spring daisies” by Lindashee

I have put finishing back stitch and seed beads to Lindashee’s latest design: “Spring daisies” and it’s so pretty ^^  I know I’m slightly biaised, being the mother of the artist, and all lol but it definitely is one of my favourites. 

Spring daisies

Backstitch was somewhat tricky on this one because Lindashee charted for evenweave and I was stitching on aida (because I want it to match the other three Lindashee seasons I stitched.  Am now going to rummage through my fabric and find something just right to add bands in preparation for my set of four wall hangings.  You may remember I’ve already stitched and quilted the other three

seasons quilted

I’ll therefore be doing the same thing with “Spring daisies” . . . then it’ll be a question of adding binding and I’ll have a complete set of four.  You can download all of these designs (and more) over on Lindashee’s blog. Please be sure to leave Lindashee a comm if you do, to say “thank you” Clignement d'œil


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