busy cleaning

Hello folks – well I’ve been busy cleaning . . . had estate agent round today so house is now officially on the market. Let’s hope we get lots of visitors over the coming weeks and that someone falls in love with our house.  I’m dreading the next few weeks, in fact, because I’m going to have to keep dashing around to make sure it’s permanently tidy which is no easy feat with one dog and 4 cats.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics to share, because it’s not often that the place looks this tidy ^^




(oops – coat hanger!)


(oops – dog in armchair lol)




I won’t show you anymore of the inside, because I sort of dumped stuff in some rooms to make other areas clear for estate agent and his camera lol . . . however I took one of the back of the house too which I rather like


Anyway fingers crossed.  I need weather to stay gorgeous, so that the animals don’t leave too many dirty footprints everywhere, and so that visitors can appreciate how wonderfully bright the house is.


5 thoughts on “busy cleaning

  1. Lovely memories here Claire – I learnt to cook duck in your kitchen – the MOTH said he loves your selfie in the bathroom mirror – even though the flash is there – we can still see you – yes lots of lovely light filled rooms 🙂

  2. Very lovely home Claire 🙂 and so bright! and I didn’t see Jack in the arm chair until I read your caption lol he’s cute…Izz

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