another beautiful day

We are really enjoying some gorgeous weather in this part of France at the moment. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine during the day although it does get a bit cold at night.  My budgies are enjoying the sunshine – I only have 2 these days – 2 pretty males – but I hang their cage out in the garden every morning in the cherry tree so they get plenty of fresh air and vitamin D ^^ and then I bring them inside in the evenings.

budgies 12 04 14

Le Bleu saw I had my camera out . . . and followed me into the garden.  One of his favourite hiding places is beneath a miniature Japanese maple

ou est le bleu

lebleu 12 04 14

The real reason I was in the garden in the first place . . . was to take a photo and show you the beginnings of the “Spring Daisies” heart by Lindashee.  I said I was impatient to begin stitching ^^ and this is to show progress so far.

daisies 1

I just need to stitch a few more stalks & leaves, fill in the petals, stitch the cloud . . . then add backstitch. 


6 thoughts on “another beautiful day

    • lol the greenery I took in photo is around our very small pond, so yes, it is luch and green. Mind you, grass needs cutting lol

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