Spring has finally arrived ^^

Hello folks, quick post to say that Lindashee has finally found time to design the fourth heart in her series of the four seasons. 


Here is a small preview picture of the heart she’s called “Spring daisies”.  You can download the chart in pdf from her blog. Please take the time to leave her a little comm if you stop by. 

I’m going to sort out fabric and threads and start work on this design tonight.  I’ve stitched the three others, and am really excited about being able to stitch the fourth and final season.


9 thoughts on “Spring has finally arrived ^^

  1. Hi, I couldn’t find a link to download the daisy heart. Can you help me please? I enjoy receiving your blog posts. Sandra

  2. what a lovely design, i look forward to watching you stitch it. P.s. are you french or do you live in france? I’m never sure whether to address you in french!

  3. I’m English, but have lived in France more than 28 years – so you can chat away in either language, it’s fine by me ^^ I have two blogs – this one and one in French with literally the same articles.

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