what my furry friends are up to

It’s been a while since I posted any photos of the animals.  They’re all in fine form (touch wood) and life has been pretty quiet lately.  Cats are enjoying the sunnier weather, and spending more time outdoors but, today, for some reason, they’ve decided indoors is best lol.

Now, we all know where Blackjack likes to sleep when I’m not busy stitching . . . yep, in my armchair. 


and today is no exception.  I often wonder if he’s really comfortable sleeping, with legs falling off the edge . . . but he must be.  Please notice, one floppy ear, flopped the wrong way lol . . . he’s dead to the world.

Gandalf, has found himself a new place to sleep. 


And for a zoom out, so you can see him in context ^^


I don’t think the light of the tank gives off much heat . . . must be the gentle hum of the pump that soothes him? 

While I was taking that photo, Le Bleu was watching every move I made.  First of all, sitting near the fish tank, almost asking to have his picture taken too


Then sitting on the printer, from where he hoped he’d be able to jump up on my shoulders


But no . . . I’d decided I wanted to see where the other cats were sleeping . . . so upstairs I went.  And who did I find in one bedroom?


Willow at the foot of the bed . . . and


Merlin on the pillows lol. 

Le Bleu, meanwhile, wanted to get in the picture AGAIN . . .


but making sure that everyone has their own personal space . . . I mean, it wouldn’t do to actually snuggle up close, now, would it?


7 thoughts on “what my furry friends are up to

  1. Great to see the furry 4 legged family members chilled out and relaxed while you have been so busy of late. Perhaps that’s why Gandalf like the relaxed fish-mosphere. Now how is your feathered friend ? Still chattering or ???

  2. Looks like they had a nice sleepy day.. Cats are funny aren’t they, all in one place but don’t get too close..ours were always like that lol 🙂

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