Happy Birthday Le Bleu

After posting previous article, I’ve just noticed the date!!!!  It’s April 8th . . . which means I forgot to sing “Happy Birthday” to Le Bleu.  Six years old today – my, doesn’t time fly?

He’s the only member of our animal family whose birth date we actually know, which probably explains why his is the only birthday I remember (or almost forgot this year!).  The other animals are all “rescue” animals so birth dates are approximate.

Anyway (using old photos) here is my baby when he first came into our lives


You can see why it was love at first sight, can’t you ^^

Six years old today


Which means that the others are (approximately) 7 years for Willow . . . and 8 years old for Blackjack, Merlin and Gandalf. 


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Le Bleu

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Le Bleu.. Our Doberman, Roxie is 6 also. And I love the names you have given to your furry family 🙂

  2. I love that one of your pets is called Gandalf. I’d love to have a cat again, and if I do, I plan to call it Frodo 🙂
    The kitten photo is gorgeous. Such a lovely wee face.

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