“Cirque des Cercles” stage 4

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all been busy crafting?  Avis, Izz and myself are doing well with our SAL, although I’m proving to be a bit of a rebel for this stage ^^  It was my turn to decide what bit to stitch on “Cirque des Cercles” by Ink Circles, so I got out my fluorescent orange pen and sent the following to Avis – who approved.


Idea being to stitch FOUR smaller circle outlines and fill in three of the ellipses.

I, however, got a little carried away (to the left) and ended up stitching the wrong outlines . . . so Avis kindly agreed to go ahead and stitch SIX outlines instead of four.  But my confusion didn’t stop there.


You’ll notice I got my ellipse centres all mixed up lol.  And instead of stitching the three in the centre, I stitched the three to the LEFT (with the two on far left being in the wrong place ^^).  Oh well, we did the same amount of stitching, so are still neck and neck.  I don’t think it really matters that I’ve inverted ellipse centres . . . and it certainly won’t notice once the piece grows some more.

You can check out Avis progress, which is looking gorgeous, over on her blog Sewing Beside the Sea . . . and Izz is going great guns with her project: “The Lord’s Prayer” over on Isabel’s Needleworks.

Stay tuned for stage 5 ^^


14 thoughts on ““Cirque des Cercles” stage 4

  1. It looks more fabulous with each stage you complete, even if you did get confused! I’m just off to check out Avis’ version and spot the differences! Looking forward to the next stage.
    Alison x

  2. Looking great Claire, I think adding uniqueness to stitching is a good thing, whether its intentional or not 😉 Good luck on the nest stages , I will be tuning in 🙂

    • well I will, and Avis will for starters lol but it doesn’t matter. I could have frogged but I chose not to, and I can live with that

  3. I’m pleased you didn’t decide to frog it. It looks fabulous the way it is. It’s good to be different and I doubt I’ll get to the end myself without some kind of deviation from the chart. I’m already thinking it needs a border LOL.

    • was yours by accident or on purpose?
      I have seen some very nice versions where people have stitched (deliberately) repeated centres to keep things very symmetric, and they look lovely as well

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