3 quick xmas decorations

Yes I know the sun is shining and the sky is blue ^^ but as YOU know, I’m taking part in a little SAL to stitch something Christmasy each month, so that it’s not such a rush when the festive season suddenly makes its appearance. 

I wanted something really easy and quick – just to keep my hands busy without having to think too much about what I was stitching, so I stitched the following

deco ricco1

a lovely snowflake. That design was in a “Rico Designs” booklet I have, and meant to be stitched in white on red fabric . . . but I thought this blue was a nice colour for a snowflake.  Doesn’t it look pretty with the pink Spring blossom in the background? 

And when I finished that, I stitched up two more very quick decorations . . . which means that I have three for this month.


The stockings are also from the “Rico Designs” booklet . . . I just made them slightly different by adding different coloured seed beads.


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