a little bit every day

As you know, we’ll be moving this summer . . . so I’m busy with sorting and “Spring cleaning” around the house. My days aren’t terribly thrilling as I move from one cupboard to the next, filling up binliners as I go – but it has to be done. We’ve already made several trips to the local tip with some of the large items and I continue to plod along with the sorting indoors.

Here’s an example of a day’s haul


This lot went to the Red Cross recycle bin, but every day I’m ending up with roughly the same amount of “stuff” and I haven’t finished yet ^^

Crafting has been on a go slow because I’m usually too shattered in the evening to concentrate on much. However, I did get my knitting needles out again and do some simple “brainless” knitting to add a few squares to my blankie project. 

Last photo I showed you was way back in February when I had finished 2 squares with a “Pernelle” turquoisey blue & white.  I’ve done another 4 squares since then – so have a total of ten.  And already decided what yarn to knit next: a “Bérgère” Tweedine which is ever so soft.



4 thoughts on “a little bit every day

  1. It’s amazing what we have stored away – in case the fashion changes back again – I hope you didn’t throw away any blouses/shirts that were made of liberty fabric – just in case you have any – they are lovely to revamp into patchwork – but the charity bin is an excellent cause

    • no liberty in my wardrobe ^^
      and I’m not keeping any old shirts for patchwork – have enough in my fabric stash already ^^

  2. You’ve gotten a lot of sorting done Claire ! Its nice to have a little knitting to pick up at the end of the day 😉 I can’t wait to see your blankie, loving the colours you are using 🙂

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