“DreamCatcher” on page one

Inbetween sorting and cleaning, I have managed to find a few hours for stitching (usually in the evening).  I’m working on both the Cirque des Cercles design by Ink Circles, to be good and ready on April 6th . . . and alternating with “DreamCatcher”. This latter demands quite a lot of careful counting and I’ve already begun adding some colours, other than black ^^

The photo I showed you on 12th March looked like this


and today my fabric looks like this

14 03 24

I am concentrating on page one (of twenty-five) which has a stitch count of 60 x 80 stitches.  Some areas are already beginning to be filled in, but I still have lots of work to do before I can even claim to be 1/25th of the way lol.


Am including a picture of the complete design, so that you get a better idea. I’m stitching in top left-hand corner. 


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