I’m going to be busy

I mentioned a few weeks back that personal life was rather busy of late.  Since it’s going to get busier, I thought I’d tell you why, because the news is going to impact on my creativity,  crafting and blogging over the coming months.  A little hint with this design by CyberStitchers


Have you guessed?  Yep, a move is on the agenda for this summer. 

At the moment I’m getting to grips with all the formalities we need to have done before the house goes on the market.  Also been spending time looking at houses for sale in the area we’ll be moving to.  However, the main job to do first is to have a good clear out in the house and get rid of all the unnecessary junk we’ve accumulated over the years.

Our house is quite big and we have loads of storage space which is crammed full of “junk”.  It’s going to take me a while to work my way through it all.

I will still find time for some stitching, but am afraid other projects (like knitting or patchworking) will be put on a back burner until after the move.   So there you have it!  A busy Spring and Summer ahead of me . . . roll on the Autumn when, hopefully, it will be all behind me.


7 thoughts on “I’m going to be busy

    • yep but last time was 13 years ago and we’ve never stayed in one house so long, so you wouldn’t believe the amount of junk to sort through.

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