Cirque des Cercles–stage 3

Avis, Izz and I are busy busy busy . . . and above all, encouraging each other along in our SAL which is at stage 3 already ^^  Avis, of Sewing Beside the Sea and myself are stitching “Cirque des Cercles” by Ink Circles.  Izz, of Isabel’s Needlework is going great guns with her project: The Lord’s Prayer.

Please feel free to click on the links above to go and see Izz and Avis’ progress for this stage. Mine is here


This really is a gorgeous design to stitch. The chart is nice and big, so very easy on the eyes, and working in monochrome is a joy in the evenings, with no worrying about different symbols ^^  Stage four will be on-line in a few weeks time.


14 thoughts on “Cirque des Cercles–stage 3

  1. Wow Claire. This is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see them finished. It’s great cheering each other one. You and Avis keep me going lol !
    Happy stitching …Izz

    • thank you Wendy – and no, not very fast, we’ve been setting ourselves reasonable sized stages and allowing 3 weeks for each, so it’s a nice leisurely pace

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