“DreamCatcher”–the beginnings

It’s official, folks!  I have begun a new adventure, and put first stitches to “DreamCatcher” (aka fractal folly ^^).

Here’s the design I will be stitching


and which will probably take me at least 10 years to complete lol.  It took me over 4 hours just to sort my threads . . . decided I need to be methodical, so took the time to cut skeins into lengths before threading into all the slots on my thread sorters, with symbols next to each.  101 different symbols, so 101 skeins to cut and sort – yep over 4 hours preparation work.  I also began gridding up my fabric, so that it will be easier to find where I am on the chart. Haven’t finished gridding, but did enough to at least begin. 

So far – I’ve begun with black in top left corner – it’s a nice clear symbol. Mind you, didn’t stop me from having an attack of the frogs last night – but at least I noticed the mistake early and was able to unpick immediately.


When I show you what it looks like on an overall view of the fabric, you’ll get a better idea of how insignificant this is


And, with my threads all nicely sorted (plus extra skeins because some colours require more than one skein).


I’m stitching on a mustard coloured 16 count aida. The base colour won’t show through once the design is stitched, so even if it’s not a very pretty colour, it doesn’t matter in the slightest. I chose this piece simply because I had loads of it, and because it should be relatively easy to work on (and see different thread colours clearly as I stitch).


7 thoughts on ““DreamCatcher”–the beginnings

  1. OMG so many threads you are torturing yourself, LOL
    love the idea of ruling lines on fabric and not just a running stitch grid, not that I do many big projects like this gorgeous fractal

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