a couple of modest happy dances

I haven’t been able to get up the incentive (nor find the time) to work on any of my larger projects this week but I did need to sit down and unwind a little . . . so I decided to work on some more small projects.

I showed you the little pony I did last week, designed by Aliolka.

Well I decided to stitch it a second time, but with a slightly different colour scheme. So the second pony looks like this

pony blue

and the two of them so you can compare

pony x2

I think I prefer the one with a blue mane and tail. What about you?

March, also meant I needed to stitch the cupcake for March. I’m going to be stitching all 12 of Lorraine Clarke’s cupcakes over the year. You can find the charts on CyberStitchers.

Even though green is one of my favourite colours, I thought this cake looked a little TOO green, even for me lol, so I changed colours a little.



7 thoughts on “a couple of modest happy dances

  1. All your little projects are cute, and they also take time. Sometimes it is hard to work up the incentive – I have been a bit lax in the last few weeks – life distractions – thinking happy thoughts for you x0x0x

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