more lovely mail

Lovely Lionel has been dropping off more lovely mail from lovely blogging friends – and (you guessed) I’m loving it ^^

First up – a big thank you to Cathdragon who sent me a gorgeous hand-made bookmark and other goodies as a belated birthday gift.

from cath

and thank you to Christine, la Dame Sauterelle,  who also sent me some bookmarks for my collection

from LGS

A lovely variety and I thought it quite amusing that I received a ‘’macaroon” card from Cathdragon and a maracoon bookmark from Christine ^^

Family life has been a little hectic here recently, with lots happening (both good and bad) . . . I won’t go into it, as I prefer to keep this blog for crafting rather than my personal life. However, crafting has been very slow over recent days/weeks and some of the projects I was planning on attacking will have to be put on hold (for the moment, at least).  However, I did have another quick start and finish . . . after the cute reindeer, by Aliolka, I printed out, and stitched a just as cute pony.

pony aliolka

Design by Aliolka.

No idea how I will finish this – I just needed something small to keep my hands busy.


2 thoughts on “more lovely mail

  1. Best of luck with the family stuff. I hope things settle down soon.
    That’s a very cute finish. That pony looks like it belongs to the girliest of girly girls!

    • yes it’s very girly ^^ not really the kind of thing I usually stitch but I thought it would make a nice birthday card or something

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