getting ready for a mammouth project

You will remember I posted photos recently in an article “Fractal Folly” where I mentioned that I had given into insanity and treated myself to this for my birthday


A design with 101 symbols that will require 141 skeins of thread ^^ . . . well yesterday I had a good rummage though my thread stash and discovered I have 68 of the skeins


Yep, it might not look like it, but there are 68 different skeins in the pile (some unused, some not quite full 8m) . . . so I’ve just been and ordered the 73 remaining lol.  Now I know that friends and fellow bloggers did offer to sort through their stashes and send me any colours they could – but I didn’t want to give people extra work, nor the cost of posting to me . . . so I’ve done a bulk order on sewandso.  If I’m mad enough to begin such a project, then I think I should assume the full cost ^^

Anyway – this is to tell you that the start on “DreamCatcher” will be for very soon.  I didn’t order fabric since I have lots in my stash. It doesn’t matter what colour I work on because the entire design will be filled in. I will probably choose a 16 count aida to make it more comfortable for my eyes . . . and will grid that up before I begin.  Will also need to organise myself with thread sorters – I get the feeling this project will call for patience and good organisational skills. So best to make sure all threads are sorted by symbols before I begin.

Stay tuned, and prepare to encourage me in what is going to be a mammouth stitching project.  One that will probably keep me stitching for the coming 5-10 years lol.  It will be my “opus” ^^


9 thoughts on “getting ready for a mammouth project

  1. You can do it Claire! It looks very beautiful and with all those colors. I love colors, that catches my eye before anything else.


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