totally spoiled

A few days ago it was my birthday ^^ That’s not something I shout about from the roof tops, but if I mention it today it’s because I want to show you all the lovely gifts and cards I received.

From my daughter, aka, Lindashee, something that combines my love of cats with my mania for bookmarks.

from megan

From my other half (who is in charge of my computer maintenance) – a new WASHABLE keyboard and cordless mouse ^^

from c 01

from c 02

From my sister, something to keep me crafting

from Jane

Five fat quarters and a geisha panel.  The four fabrics on the left and panel are from the “Tea House” collection by Dover Hill.  The purple one is a Michael Miller.

from jane 04

from Jane 05

from Jane03

From Zazimuth – more bookmarks ^^

from zazimuth

From Avis – lots of little packages to open, including a Terry’s chocolate orange, some wool needles, a gorgeous pleated decoration (that’s for xmas 2014 lol), a Mrs Chicken (better photo further down) and . . . two plastic grey things ?????

from avis01

Took me 5 minutes to work out what the plastic grey things were lol . . .

from avis05

You might remember my little “accident” in December when the sewing machine needle went right through my finger?  Well Avis sure did Sourire 

And I was very honoured to receive my very own Mrs Chicken.

from avis03

Avis organised a “Chicken Run” on her blog in January, but I wasn’t lucky enough to win.  However, I now have my very own chicken, whose name is “Twinkle” because she has a twinkle in her eyes . . . she’s lovely !!!

From Andrea (a German penpal who I’ve been corresponding with for 35 years) – something for the waist-line

from andrea

and lots of other very pretty cards ^^


As every year, I always buy myself a little something too, a “happy birthday to me” present ^^  I already mentioned this particular item . . . and it has arrived, so I can show you photos of what will be a future “fractal folly” project.


101 different colours, 300 x 400 stitches, and the chart is on 25 pages of A4 sized paper (TWENTY FIVE !!!!).  First page looks like this


Total madness Sourire  but just think how proud I will feel (probably round about the time I’m ready to celebrate my 60th birthday) when it’s done !


16 thoughts on “totally spoiled

  1. A Happy birthday to you 🙂 I love all your wonderful gifts 🙂 and the needle trick is funny lol I will remember to be very careful with my own sewing machine as i’ve only used it once haha oh my, 25 pages of cross stitch and I thought my 16 on English rose was going something, but your fractal folly is beautiful.

  2. OH MY!! Love all your goodies..lovely fabrics! and chocolate!! lol ..I tried to sew my finger too a few years ago, it was with an industrial machine….lesson learned eh? and I love your Mrs Chicken..I fell in love with the idea and made a few for gifts! Seeing what you and Avis are working on for cross stitch projects I am not surprise at the “fractal folly” you have, what an awesome piece..happy birthday to Claire 🙂 ..isn’t nice to get spoiled?

  3. Happy belated birthday Claire, what a lovely selection of gifts. The Dreamcatcher pattern looks even better here than when you showed it last week – I’m still so tempted…..Love Avis’ chicken and the joke – hope you had a lovely time.
    Alison x

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