Lindashee’s three seasons (not quite finished yet)

I have been a busy bee ^^  And I’m feeling so proud of myself that I’m going to bore you with progress and more photos.  Yesterday I showed you how things stood with the three Lindashee hearts that I’m making into wall-hangings . . . well today, I’ll show you again, but this time, quilted _ yay!

Since the fabric I’ve used has lots of gold, (and the cross stitch pieces all have gold seed beads) I chose a “gold” coloured thread for quilting. I didn’t want to tempt fate and try anything too challenging, so I’ve gone for straight lines again BUT I added a little excitement, because I did 3 horizontal, top and bottom, and 3 vertical left & right. That way I have a kind of chequered effect at the corners of the aida.  Still very basic quilting, I know but I didn’t want to mess things up at this stage, so I played it safe.

In order of seasons . . . first “Summer Waves”

summer quilted

Next “Autumn Feathers”

autum quilted

and then “Winter Sparkles”

winter quilted

They’re all trimmed up, ready and waiting for the binding.  I will begin that job tomorrow. 

seasons quilted

I am really pleased with the way they have turned out so far.  And I’m impatient for Lindashee to design the heart for Spring so that I can have a complete set of four seasons.  Come on Lindashee . . . Mum is waiting ^^


7 thoughts on “Lindashee’s three seasons (not quite finished yet)

    • thank you Kate. I’m really impatient to stitch Spring, but Lindashee is busy with studies and I don’t know when she’ll be able to find the time to design the fourth & final heart in this series

  1. These are beautiful Cliare. I have to admit I wasn’t that crazy about the hearts to begin with but seeing them with the matching fabrics makes all the difference. They’re beautiful.

    • 🙂 yep the “finishings” sometimes make or break a design. I don’t particularly like the autumn heart, as I think it’s a bit drab but I promised Lindashee I would stitch all four (once she gets fourth one designed) and the banner idea came about precisely because I had some fabrics I knew would match well. I already have my eye on several of my other fabrics for Spring, but will just have to be patient.

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