a modest happy dance

I’m busy stitching on my larger pieces, but also finding time to stitch a few small designs inbetween. With the idea of getting ready for xmas all year long, I stitched up a very cute design by Corinne. Corinne designs lots of free charts for our stitching pleasure on her blog Passion Broderie 77.


This little chap is going in the drawer and will probably be finished as a card . . . but that won’t be happening until the end of the year.

Also got a little side-tracked the other day (what’s new?).  I bought myself a couple of colouring books at the end of last year lol. “Colouring books?” I hear you cry Sourire  Yes, colouring books – I know they’re usually for children, but a French blogging friend blogged a while back about some colouring books she had bought as a sort of “anti-stress therapy”. Not that my life is very stressful, but I rather fancied the idea anyway, and found a few nice ones on amazon for just a couple of euros each.  So, I sat down the other day with my felt tip pens, was very childish . . . and had so much fun lol.


I’m not quite sure about my choice of colours . . . it should probably have been done in yellows and oranges to make it look more sunflowery, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.  This is one of the 30 mandala designs in


When I have some more free time I am going to be even more “childish” . . . and start work on something my daughter gave me for Christmas ^^

from megan xmas


6 thoughts on “a modest happy dance

  1. I like you colouring book, I haven’t sat down and coloured since the children were small and thats a long time ago lol,

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