“Fractal Folly” or “are you totally insane?”

My answer to the question above is “No, I am definitely NOT insane” ^^ and, in fact, what I’m going to post about today is NOT a current stitching project, nor is it one planned for anytime in the future . . . but I’ve been browsing a little and chatting a lot to my friend Avis about “fractals”.  In cross stitch, mind you ^^

You’ve probably seen photos of fractals and you can read more about them here on Wiki.  In recent years they’ve become a modern art form and a few cross stitch companies, including Cross Stitch Collectibles actually chart them to cross stitch.

In the cross stitch form, they represent a huge challenge to the stitcher because designs are very big and require (at least) 60 different colours, some with more than 100 colours . . . so they are not for the faint-hearted.

Anyway, I’ve been having fun, searching for fractal photos on google and then checking out designs available in cross stitch. (I repeat) Not because I’m planning on stitching one, but because it’s fun to see what’s out there, and to know what other (mad) people may be working on ^^

I even found two links for some smaller FREE charts – so if anyone is feeling slightly insane, just click on the links and they will take to the site where you can download.

Bright in colour, there is a “bookmark” version of Fractal 54 which you can download by clicking on the link.  Fractal 54 bookmark


This is part of a larger design


And a second one, also in a “bookmark” version here;  Fractal 420


part of the larger design


If you fancy just drooling over more Fractal designs, you can find a whole array on Wye Needlecraft (where you can choose chart only or complete kit) but the cheapest shop I’ve found is Colray Crafts – which sell in kit form at very reasonable prices (considering the number of skeins required for designs.

The designs I really like (but am not going to stitch lol) are


Fractal 398 and


Fractal 423

The one I really really like though (and which has 101 colours so is a definite no-no) is called “DreamCatcher” by Tracy Warrington.

Art work by Lucid Light.


Isn’t it gorgeous?  That chart is available in booklet form (15 pages of chart) on amazon!

Anyway, enough madness and drooling for today – I’m off to stitch on stage two of Cirque des Cercles.

Edit:  I’ve just begun my descent down a slippery slope . . . and ordered the “DreamCatcher” chart booklet rofl.  No harm in just treating myself to a book, is there? lol


24 thoughts on ““Fractal Folly” or “are you totally insane?”

  1. How could you? Well, how? I have taken so much grief about my “madness” and now…. Catching isn’t it? I’m now rolling on the floor and laughing my head off 🙂 Thanks for today’s round of giggles!

  2. These are fabulous – I can see myself having a go at the Dreamcatcher pattern too. I already have loads of threads so hopefully wouldn’t need to spend lots more to get all the colours. However I probably ought to finish off some of my Angel first…….tempted to order the pattern though…….
    Alison x

  3. Ooh, aren’t they lovely. That colourful one is my favourite. I could just see me stitching that one. I won’t be tempted though as I really do need to stitch from my stash for a year or three 😉

    • yes I do too, but idea is IF I go ahead with my folly, I’ll be using fabric from my stash and hopefully will have some of the colours already. 101 is a lot of colours to buy, and price tag would be very expensive. So will need to sort through threads and see what I have.

    • don’t even look lol
      and no, I’m not brave, just stupid I think ^^
      Won’t be starting for a long while yet . . . have to concentrate on our SAL first ^^

  4. Oh Claire! You have given in! I love the Dream Catchers design…but I’m more fond of the bright bold colored ones. I’m going to give a go at a bookmark first I think. Did you know you can order DVD’s with several patterns on it for only about $9.00 more than an individual pattern? It could be a good deal if you find several on 1 DVD that you like. Might take forever to stitch though.

    • yes I am weak and spineless and I caved ^^
      and yes, I saw the DVDs but I think one mad chart will be enough ^^It’s not really a question of the cost of charts but the amount of threads and TIME that each design requires. Am going to go through my thread stash when chart arrives to see what I have and what threads need to be bought. But after a 74 euro vet bill yesterday, my budget has taken a beating this month ^^

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