February cupcake(s) and “Autumn feathers”

Some little stitching projects going on in this house at the moment, making the most of the free charts that designers make available so generously on the internet.

First of all – it’s February, so it was time to stitch a cupcake.  I’m taking part in a SAL on a French forum, stitching Lorraine Clarke’s set of 12 cupcakes this year.  Here is the pretty pink one for this month


which I immediately stitched a second time, changing colours slightly


I think I prefer it with white icing ^^  Am stitching with 1 thread on a 20 count lilac aida . . . not really bothering about layout as these little cupcakes will be used to make cards or other gifts as the year progresses. For the time-being, I have 3 on my fabric, with the lovely blue one I stitched in January.

cc x 3

You can find these charts on CyberStitchers.

I also put finishing stitches to “Autumn Feathers” – a design by Lindashee

autumn stitched

A few little gold Mill Hill beads at the end of some branches, in keeping with the other hearts in the same series. This one is (understandably) rather “bleak” when compared to the previous two since autumn is rather a bleak season. However, I shall liven it up a little once I add fabric and begin work to make it into a wall-hanging ^^ 


4 thoughts on “February cupcake(s) and “Autumn feathers”

  1. Adorable tiny cupcakes and I like your scissors too 🙂 I like the idea of adding beads to any stitching, they always add a sparkle.

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