a Thursday “this, that & the other”

A hotch potch of subjects and photos today. First up – free samples. I went for a search on google the other day to see if there were any free fabric samples for the asking. Quite a few on-line stores allow you to ask for samples – for example Pelenna Patchworks.  For those who live in the UK, samples will be sent for free, but there’s a £3.60 postal charge to France so that’s not really an option for me, unless I’m placing an order for other items (which, at the moment, I’m not) and samples are the tiny 2″ x 1.5″ ones.

I came across another on-line shop in the UK: Dïtto Fabrics.  They allow you to select 3 fabrics and request samples in exchange for a SSAE.  A very friendly bunch of people, because I phoned to ask about orders to France . . . I had some Royal Mail stamps so I sent off my SSAE and received my samples within 5 working days. They measure approx 3″ x 7″.

ditto samples

The “baby leopard” one is my favourite – might find a good excuse to order some of that later on in the year.  Owls are cute, but the motif is too large for any projects I have in mind . . . and the “ditzy leaf” is disappointingly very light-weight.   Anyway, excellent customer service and communication from the friendly people at Dïtto. I will definitely put their address in my favourites for future shopping.

After showing you my beginnings of finishings yesterday, I sat down last night and began stitching “Autumn Feathers” by Lindashee. I decided it is probably best if I have this heart all ready for sewing . . . that way I’ll be able to sew three wall hangings one after the other . . . and then wait for Spring.

autumn start

It doesn’t look very exciting at the moment, but that’s because I’ve only used 2 colours so far . . . it should be quite a quick stitch though, and perhaps finished by the weekend.

And last photo for today, to show you a few more knitted squares for my blankie project.

pernelle x 2

These are with a “Pernelle” ball of cotton/acrylic yarn.  Yarn is quite irregular with all the white bits, so I’m just knitting in plain Knit. After weighing the first squares, I reckon I should be able to get about 6 out of my 50g ball . . . so will carry on with this yarn until there is none left.


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