the beginnings of some finishings

I’m sort of having a happy dance here ^^. I finished stitching a little cross stitch project, so that was my happy dance BUT no project is really finished until it’s finished off, is it?  So it’s an “unofficial” happy dance lol.  I have begun my finishings though, and come to give you a sneak peek today (so just you know I don’t sit and twiddle my thumbs all day and that I DO get some crafting done during the week).

The design I’ve just finished is: “Winter Sparkles”, a free design by Lindashee


I didn’t use exact colour references as I like to make use of smaller charts to delve into my thread bag.  My greens are probably a lot darker than Lindashee recommended, and instead of using several oranges for the baubles, I used a variagated thread and added Mill Hill gold seed beads. I also added a strand of metallic silver for the “sparkle” bits although it doesn’t show up very well in the photo.

As you can see from photo, I have begun my “finishing off”.  The fabric is leftover from a bag I made myself in 2012.  I LOVE this swirly fabric and it seemed the obvious choice to pick out the festive colours in Lindashee’s design.  The Plan (with a capital P) is . . . to make this into a little wall-hanging. So far, I have only sewn on my bands of fabric.

The Big Plan (capital B and capital P) is to eventually end up with FOUR different wall-hangings for the four seasons lol.  I already stitched “Summer Waves”, also a free chart by Lindashee and have begun my finishings for that too.


The fabric for this one is gorgeous: blues and golds, and was given to me last year by DebbieRose (she’ll be glad to see I am finally using some of the wonderful fabrics she gave me).

Next, in the cross stitch department, I need to sort threads and stitch “Autumn Feathers”, and hope that Lindashee finds inspiration (and time) to create a new heart design for the Spring ^^


9 thoughts on “the beginnings of some finishings

    • ^^ it was quite stitch intensive compared to the “summer waves” which was so quick to stitch, but I do like the pine tree effect all around the edge

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