more tiny samples or “what is Claire going to make next?”

It was patchwork club today so I was able to take along my new bag made with 66 of the tiny samples I brought home last week. Ladies were very impressed and didn’t believe me at first when I said I had assembled everything by machine ^^ Ladies at club do all sewing and quilting by hand, which I respect – but one of the reasons they give is “you can never get things lined up nicely by machine”. Now I know my bag isn’t perfect, and some corners are slightly off but they were pretty amazed at how neat corners were . . . so I think I called their bluff ^^

They are all busy working on larger projects or blocks, so when I asked if it was okay to have another rummage in the samples bag I was told to go ahead, which I did . . . and I’ve come home with 92 more (still 2” x 1.5”).

more tiny samples01

I’ve tried to group them in colours for the photo – although there are few odd ones that don’t blend in with anything.

more tiny samples02

more tiny samples03

I probably took the “best” bits last week and was scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel this time BUT nonetheless, there are some very nice colours and patterns in there.  I already have an idea of what I’m going to make next. Nope, I’m not going to make another double-sided bag, although I probably could . . . no next project will be something slightly different, but I will keep you guessing until I have time to get sewing.

I also have a thank you to post today – a thank you to Virgine of ambre1205 who sent me some little goodies along with a card for the New Year.

from virginie xmas2013

a hand-made card, a skein of thread, notebook, and fridge magnets.  The little “apple” notebook is already in my new bag.

I hope to have some cross stitching progress to show you very soon, and maybe a happy dance. Until then – hope you’re having lots of crafting fun.


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