tiny sample patchwork pouch bag

I’m happy dancing and because I’m in such a good mood, I come to share photos with you today instead of leaving you in suspense until tomorrow lol.

My brand new little pouch bag which is the perfect size to sling over my shoulder and carry all the necessary bits I need on me when I go out. 

First photo is fuzzy – taken in bathroom mirror to show you how I like to “wear” my bags ^^

sample bag fini 6

I’m not a “handbag lady”, I don’t have cosmetics and such in the bottom of my bag, just my wallet, ID papers, keys, maybe a packet of tissues (my mobile phone is usually in my pocket) – I therefore didn’t need anything big to lug around, which is why these little fabric samples caught my eye and gave me the idea.

Ready for some close-ups?  Okay, here goes – first the “autumn” side”

sampl bag fini 02

next the purple side

sample bag fini 01

As you can see, I attached my strap giving myself sort of “belt loops” so that I can have my snazzy little keyring pen hanging on one side and my house keys on the other. That way, no need to rummage when I need either of those ^^

sample bag fini 4

and I’m so pleased because, when I was assembling pieces, I assembled all in one block, knowing I would then fold down the centre . . . so please note that pumpkins are the right way up AND . . .

sample bag fini 5

one little fabric print with wording (that you can’t really read, but I know it’s there) is also the right way up lol.

Anyway I’m as pleased as punch. It’s not perfect by any means, but then again, nothing I ever make ever is. However, it’s in my favourite colours, it’s the perfect size (23cm x 18cm), with a very long strap and I’m all excited about going out to teach English tonight because I’m going to wear my new bag ^^


11 thoughts on “tiny sample patchwork pouch bag

    • thank you Izz ^^
      I’m off to teach English tonight so will inaugurate it and see if any of my students notice my snazzy new bag ^^

    • well I’m certainly having fun and that’s the most important thing ^^ I’m more confident with assembling pièces by machine but quilting is still a bit hit and miss. I blame it on my machine which is a cheapie from Lidl but I’m getting there.

  1. Adore the “Selfie” in the bathroom, your bag is fantastic, and reversible. You really are going great guns, and as for having a cheapy machine – no worries – you only need a straight stitch to quilt. I presume you have a walking foot as it makes it much easier.

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