knitted squares x4

I know that *Wisher* is busy crocheting up loads of squares this year, and I’ve decided to do something similar but with knitting (since crocheting is an art I have yet to attempt).  I decided to begin knitting squares because I had some leftover yarn after scarf knitting and decided it would be fun to do a patchwork blankie over the year (or probably two years) BUT I also realised I wouldn’t get very far with my leftovers ^^

Nonetheless, I began work . . . first with a nice irregular yarn in black, with blue and white bits (which I showed you the other week)


and then I did two more squares with the “Pinguoin” yarn I had left over from eldest son’s scarf.

2 chiné squares

Having trouble getting details to show up. The left one is in “seed” stitch (I think that’s what it’s called) and the right one is in “double moss” stitch.


So 3 weeks into my project and I have four 5” (-ish) squares . . . if I can keep up the pace, I should have 100 for a blankie by early 2016 lol.

I’ve sold a few books and crafty items over the internet these past few weeks, so have been recycling money from sales into more yarn for this project.  Here’s what I have to work on for my next squares

new wools

Two (not quite complete)  50g balls of mohair in slightly different shades of blue, a gorgeous reddish ‘’”tweedine” yarn (2 full 50g balls) and a 50g ball of Pernelle which is a cotton/acryllic mix in white & turquoise – that’s what I’m knitting up at the moment.

I also have another 2 balls of the chiné beige which I shall use for this project. I think it will look good to have certain colours repeated quite a few times but with different stitches. That way no two squares will look exactly the same but there will be a certain coherence with colour. That’s the plan anyway ^^

Right – am now off to finish my tiny samples patchwork project. Weather is already grey and overcast outside, I don’t think I’ll be able to take a decent photo when I’ve finished . . . so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow when I will reveal all.


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