tiny samples and more

Today was patchwork club and one of the members has been having a clean out.  She brought a couple of bags of fabric scraps and another bag full of those tiny little sample pieces shops give away.  Everyone was told to have a rummage and grab whatever took their fancy ^^ You know me – I didn’t need to be told twice lol.

I sorted out loads ( 91 in total) of little samples which measure only 5cm x 4cm (or 2” x 1.5” in imperial) – I already have a little idea germinating in my head . . . but it probably won’t happen this week.

tiny samples 1

tny samples2

tiny samples3

tiny samples4

and from the scrappy bag – I picked out these.  The two fabrics in background are 8” squares ( the others are odd shapes and sizes).

free fabric

It felt rather like Christmas, coming home with all these scraps and samples. Doesn’t take much to make me happy ^^

Other news – I’ve finished two more knitted 5” squares for my patchwork blankie project (so I now have four). I tried to take a photo to show you but with flash the the pattern doesn’t show up very well and without flash, the yarn looks totally off colour. I’ll try and take pics with normal daylight tomorrow.

For this evening I am going to cast on and begin knitting another square . . . and probably add a few more stitches to CdesC.


9 thoughts on “tiny samples and more

    • yes there are some gorgeous designs that I would love to have in larger pièces, but never mind, I am making do with what I have.
      Can’t turn my nose up at FREE stuff no matter how small ^^

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