resolutions growing wings ^^

I’ve been naughty and have sort of “bent” my New Year’s Resolutions a little bit ^^  You may remember, I said this year that I only had one: to avoid all unnecesary spending.  The key word, of course is “unnecessary” – how do we define what is necessary and what isn’t?

I did some scarf knitting recently and, although I didn’t have a proper large darning needle, I managed to weave in yarn ends (MacGyver style) for the ones I did as pressies however the 2 scarves I knitted for myself had been sitting with “tails” waiting to be finished off.  I therefore decided to buy myself a needle.  Bought a plastic one – to keep costs down – and it’s perfect.

plastic needle

It probably won’t be brilliant for any big jobs, but for weaving in scarf ends it was fine and I will now be able to (finally) wear my two new scarves!

Still on the knitting front . . . while searching for darning needles on line, I ended up on PriceMinister (where I also have my own little shop) and realised I had 19 euros from previous sales just sitting in my “kitty” on line ^^  So, not only did I order my plastic needle, I also bought a couple of odd balls of yarn – to use for knitting up squares for my new “patchwork knitted blankie” idea. This wasn’t a necessary buy, I agree, but I figured, since money came out of on-line kitty and NOT out of my current account . . . it wasn’t really “spending” lol.

I then had the brainwave of selling a few of my crafty bits (books I don’t use etc) . . . and within several hours I had a few sales . . . so more money coming IN instead of going OUT.

Which is what then prompted me to buy the following when doing a quick shop at Lidl.

circular bargain

I have never knitted with circular needles before, and I’ve heard there’s a knack to it. However, I also know how much needles cost – so when I saw these for only 1.99 euros (for a pack of 2 pairs) . . . I bought four packs, and therefore have 8 pairs of circular needles for the grand total of 7.96 euros.  Again, probably not necessary lol but just think of all the money I saved ^^

Less of an excuse as to why I bought the following though (still in Lidl)

cotton bargain

I know, I’m incorrigible . . . but couldn’t resist buying some yarn too.  It’s 100% cotton and, as you can see, I bought 2 packs.  Each pack contains 4 x 50g and is supposedly enough to knit the summer top pictured on the packet (in Small).  My reasoning behind this buy – I will eventually need to jump in with both feet and tackle a real knitting project, following a real pattern. Seems sensible to do it with some cheaper yarn rather than spending a fortune on something more expensive and making a hash of it.


11 thoughts on “resolutions growing wings ^^

  1. Looks like you did great on getting needkes and yarn. Meegans sister is expecting so I am knitting a baby afghan for her. You will love the circular needles I do. I am just about finished with a shepherds bush stocking for whitney.

  2. If your going to do something do it well – that includes shopping for knitting needles – have fun with the circulars – they are really great – and if you are knitting stocking stitch you only have to go round, and round and round in knit stitch – its awesome – I call them my magic sticks

  3. Great bargains Claire, way to go ! And the circular needles are a breeze..the trick is not to twist you first round and you are off and knitting…Happy stitching…Izz

    • thanks for the advice Izz
      I’m a bit scared at the moment and am just continuing to practise with normal needles on oddments of yarn I’ve been buying for my patchwork square knitted blanket idea.

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