are you sitting comfortably?

because animals here are all snuggled up in the warm!  It doesn’t often happen that animals are all indoors at the same time, so I got the camera out. Apologies for bad quality of photos – we live in a country where we have wooden shutters on the windows and I didn’t open them because I didn’t want to disturb all my sleeping beauties.

Downstairs I have Le Bleu sort of scrunched up between a cushion and a dog, on the couch, but he seems comfortable enough (apologies also for the dreadful couch throw lol – it’s on the reverse side this week so a bit “ouch” on the eyes)

sitting 01

The rear end, belongs to Blackjack – yes, I know that dogs this size shouldn’t be on furniture, but you try telling him that!

sitting 02

He’s not even asleep, I think he’s just meditating. 

Meanwhile, upstairs . . . a good excuse for not making the bed this morning. I woke up to find Le Bleu, Merlin and Gandalf all snuggled up . . . but after my shower, they’ve been playing musical chairs because with Le Bleu downstairs, Willow has taken his place.

sitting 03

I’ll just let sleeping animals lie and worry about the housework later on today ^^

I’m making the most of this article to do a hotch-potch of various subjects . . . because my crafting plans are somewhat varied at the moment.

First of all – I’m preparing Christmas 2014 already . . . taking part in a SAL on a French forum where we’re planning on stitching a small freebie design once a month. For January we stitched a little blackwork tree by Carmela. Mine isn’t quite finished as it needs an iron and a little button star sewn on top – I’ll get round to that soon.


I’m also stitching Lindashee’s Winter heart.  It’s very stitch intensive and has taken quite a few hours to get to this stage

winter heart

I do love the effect of the lighter green around the edges though so it was well worth the time spent. All I need do now is decide on my threads for the bauble bits and twinkles. I’ll probably add seed beads or blending filament as I go for some extra sparkle ^^

While on the subject of Christmas – yes, I know it’s been and gone already but at patchwork club we had a little tombola for Secret Santa yesterday.  Here’s what I received


a set of 6 glass coasters with an opening in the back to slip in a photo (or maybe a small xstitch piece design?). 

And here’s what I gave

secret santa

A jar of our homemade blackberry jelly, a little notebook, two pieces of fabric and the biscornu I made using Avis blackwork design.

I asked if you were sitting comfortably at the beginning because this post isn’t over yet lol.

A photo to show you fabric and threads for a new start.

CdesC before start

This is for a new SAL I’ll be stitching along with Avis (on her second blog: Sewing Beside the Sea  and Isabel. Avis and I will be stitching Ink Circles “Cirque des Cercles” and Isabel is going to be stitching something completely different. The idea of our informal SAL is to motivate each other and post photos of our updates.  My choice of fabric and thread is a 25 count Lugana “Dark Green” and “Wild Poppies” by Threadworx.  I’ll be placing my first stitches this afternoon ^^

And last photos to show another little idea that has been buzzing in my brain.  Knitting.  I haven’t done much in the past but I already have a couple of leftovers in yarn . . . so decided to knit up some squares – the plan being to assemble squares and make a patchwork knitted throw ^^.  It’s going to take me forever but I don’t have a problem with that.  I began with some leftover yarn from a scarf I knitted my daughter several years ago.


a lovely soft bubbly black, white & blues.  I knitted up two 5” squares


and still had some yarn left.  Avis gave me a wonderful tip because I was unsure if I would have enough to get a third square done. She suggested I weigh a knitted square, and then weigh the little ball of leftover yarn – so simple, why didn’t I think of it?  Result of weighing – squares weigh 12g and leftover ball only weighs 9g . . . so I know I don’t have enough to get a third square. Nevermind – I’m sure I’ll find something else to do with it.

Right, that’s all for now folks. Sorry if I’ve given you a numb bum . . . I just had so much to share and didn’t want to do several posts ^^


9 thoughts on “are you sitting comfortably?

  1. I love your menagerie Claire, they look so cozy. And all your goodies. That’s a great name for the threads “wild poppies” its going to look fabulous on the dark green. I’m starting the kit this afternoon as well… can’t wait 🙂 have a great day ..Izz

  2. Hi! Here all size and kind animals can sleep where they like. Often in the evening I have to ask I could have small corner in the bed. Your furry friends are most cute and beautiful! Photo on your header is Super! x Teje

  3. You gave away a fabulous Secret Santa gift. Very generous!! Looks like we are all systems go on the SAL 🙂 I love your small projects in readiness for Christmas!

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