“dragon scarf” happy dancing

Hi folks, I hope these first ten days of the year have been fun and crafty for you?  I haven’t had time to do too much because of more visitors (so time was spent catching up on all the chat). However I did manage to do some knitting in the evenings, and am proud to show off my new “dragon scarf” (yep that’s what I’m calling it).  Some real colour surprises as it knitted up

dragon scarf finished1

dragon scarf finished2

Colours are more subtle in real life – the flash makes it look a lot brighter than it really is – but it is the most gorgeous yarn. This previous photo gives you a more accurate idea of colours

dragon scarf beginnings

Finished scarf measures 4” by almost 50” . . . I can’t wait to wear it out ^^

I also have a few more gifts to share with you. Second son and girlfriend were our visitors and they brought belated xmas pressies with them. I got a cute little LED lamp to attach to my book for bedtime reading (but since it’s upstairs on my book, I couldn’t be bothered to find it for a photo) AND a book

from c

30 patchwork ideas.  The book also came with the fabric to make the project from the cover photo. Thank you C & N – a great idea!

And I received post from Cathdragon

from cathdragon xmas1

lots of little goodies, including a beautiful hand-stitched bookmark . . . let’s have a zoom on that, shall we?

from cathdragon xmas2

Very sparkly ^^

I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for a couple of Threadworx skeins to arrive so that I can begin work on a new project.  Don’t worry – I haven’t broken my New Year’s resolution already – I ordered skeins before the end of 2013 . . . but postal services seem to be a bit slow at the moment. They are obviously trying to move the backlog from Christmas and the French are all sending their “Bonne Année” cards too which doesn’t help matters.

Not to worry – I shall keep myself busy in the meantime with a couple of freebie designs I have printed out to stitch. Stay tuned !


12 thoughts on ““dragon scarf” happy dancing

  1. I love you dragon scarf and the name you’ve given it, its very beautiful. And some nice goodies there too. Have fun crafting….Izz

      • Yes Claire, I’m going to work on my kit while you and Avis work on the ink circles project 🙂 this is just what I need …….Izz

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