resolution for 2014

Often, at the start of the New Year, I make some resolutions, which I very rarely keep (don’t expect I’m alone there) so for this year I have made just one. My 2014 resolution is to keep away from temptation and NOT do any unnecessary shopping in the craftings department ^^ Instead, I will be crafting with supplies I already have at home, and making use of free links and tutorials on the internet when in need of inspiration. I think that’s a reasonable resolution and one I will be able to stick to (for several months at least Sourire)

It helps that I have a HUGE stash of supplies to feed my addiction for cross stitch, patchwork and knitting.  My knitting stash is the smallest BUT Avis sent me the most gorgeous yarn for xmas

from avis xmas 

It’s the colour  “Eden” (Creative Galaxy) by Rico Designs and the changing colours make me think of dragon scales or peacock feathers.  It took me a day or two to find my 4mm needles but once I found them, I cast on and have begun knitting a scarf for myself.

dragon scarf beginnings 

Just look at how the colours morph from dark purple to dark green, to gold and back to purple . . . the sequins add even more “wow” to this yarn and it’s a real joy to knit. 

Being a beginner in the knitting department, I haven’t been adventurous in my choice of pattern. I am knitting the same design as the one I used for the beige scarf I knitted as xmas gift. I feel confident with this one and, having done it once before, I am in my comfort zone.  You can find the pattern on RED HEART

Other crafting during the first days of this new year includes picking up my Joan Elliott design “Unicorn and Maiden”.  This was put to one side in the run-up to Christmas and because I wanted to finish “Pentecost Two” before the end of the year.  The last time I showed you a photo, it looked like this

unicorn 01

Now it looks like this

unicorn 0401

I haven’t quite finished the grass & flowers around the unicorn’s feet, but almost. And I’ve just moved over to the second page so the maiden’s gown will start to grow from the hemline up.


8 thoughts on “resolution for 2014

    • haven’t seen that yet but I’m not very good at keeping up with challenges ^^ I’m signed up for a few quick SALs on a French xstitch forum to make use of small freebie charts, but I’ll check out the stitch from stash challenge too.

  1. Gorgeous scarf Claire, and I like your idea of using from the stash. Something I have tried before but from the looks of my sewing room I should stick to that resolution myself this year 🙂 happy knitting …Izz

    • the idea for stash stitching isn’t new Isabel ^^ but with the current economic climate, I (along with everyone else) am going to have to tighten my belt . . . so just lucky that I have a huge stash to keep me crafting for the coming year.

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