what Claire made for Christmas (2)

There were lots of home-made presents under the tree this year . . . you saw a few yesterday, here are the rest.

For eldest son – a scarf.  I made it as long as my son is tall . . . 1.85m . . . so approx 6ft 2” ^^  Knitted with a Pinguoin “chiné” yarn  and a simple repeat stitch.

sean scarf 01

sean scarf 03

For my daughter, a pencil case . . . using her stitching of “Tangled Frame”

meg pencil case 01

meg pencil case 02

And for ‘Titia – who had specifically asked me to make her a patchwork pencil case

pencil case2

pencil case3

pencil case4

Slight panic when I gave it an iron, because I melted the buttons lol . . . so had to replace those at the last minute.  This is made with a “Lizzie Kate” cross stitch, and I had great fun matching fabric with the bright colours of the cross stitch design.


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