what Claire made for xmas 2013 (1)

Christmas is behind us already.  What took months of preparation was over so quickly . . . always the way lol. I am going to do a couple of articles to show you some of the gifts I made this year.

To begin with, some simple knitting.  Photo on full zoom to show two “ruffle” scarves. The black & grey for my daughter and the purple one (which I have already shown you) for 2nd son’s girlfriend.


The yarn contains a metallic thread which gives them a really nice sparkle.

And some patchworking/quilting by machine, to make a set of place mats for 2nd son and girlfriend.  On one side, stripes in black, red & white.

place mats 01

On the reverse side, a black & white cat print.

place mats 02

I made four of them

place mats 04

and added a small metallic heart to each which is embossed with the wording  “Hand made with love” (doesn’t show up in photo)

place mats 03

I followed the very clear tutorial written by Avis who explains how to make a “mug rug” on her Oh Sew Tempting, just adapting measurements to make mine slightly larger.


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