Thank you Béa & Chantal . . . and now for some judo

Title got you curious?  Hihi, I’ll begin with my thank yous and explain the judo afterwards . . . 

First, a big thank you to Béa who is very creative with her ten fingers. She makes things with fimo, she makes her own rubber stamps and she also makes the most gorgeous cards. This is what she sent me: a bookmark/card

mp bea 

It’s really beautiful, isn’t it?  Very olde worlde.  I’ve hung it up with my other cards, but will be adding it to my bookmark collection after the festive season.

Chantal (a forum friend) also thought of me and sent some more additions to my collection.

mps chantal

My favourite one has to be the one with Venice carnival masks.

Now for some judo . . . believe it not, my living room was transformed into a Dojo this afternoon by Blackjack and Merlin.  Blackjack decided it was playtime and poor old Merlin just happened to be passing by . . .

bjack merlin1

so he found himself pinned to the floor with 33 kilos of dog on top of him lol.  Luckily, Merlin is ever so laid back and he didn’t seem to mind the assault. Blackjack thoroughly enjoyed himself – of course he did, he WON !!!  Poor cat couldn’t go anywhere ^^

Bjack merlin2

Just look at Blackjack grinning – what he doesn’t realise is that Merlin actually let him win ^^


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