sneak preview of purple placemats and more

During my slight breather from present making, I got out the sewing machine to work on a bit of quilting to make something for myself.  Idea being, to make a new set of place mats to replace the old ones so that, when family gathers together for Christmas, we can christen the new mats.  I am keeping things very simple. I chose a large piece of fabric I bought years ago (3m for only 10 euros) and my mats will be done in just that fabric. No patchworking – just straight line quilting. It’s a practice project, to build up confidence and learn to sew straight – mind you, it got off to a rocky start the other day as I managed to catch my index finger under the needle (while foot was still on the pedal) and “ouch” . . . needle went straight through my finger lol.  It looked rather like one of the joke shop nails only this one really did go right the way through.  Luckily, my other half kept his head, found the pliers, and pulled the needle out with a very steady hand (while I felt about ready to faint ^^).  Finger bled profusely for a while, but the hole is healing.

So, not only is this a project to learn to sew straight, it has also taught me a valuable lesson: don’t put finger too close to needle while sewing lol.

Anyway, here is a photo of my straight line quilting

purple place mats1

I’m happy ^^  I’ve quilted all six mats already and have begun attaching binding.

A big thank you to Avis, who has a wonderful tutorial on her blog Oh Sew Tempting (if you look in the mug rug tutorial) on how to make and sew binding.  She makes it look so simple, and it really is, if you follow instructions carefully.

Here is a close up of one corner of my first mat

purple place mats2

Binding is machine sewn all around following Avis’ tutorial, and then finished off by hand on the back.  I’ll show you more photos when I’ve completed the set of six.

And other chat . . . DebbieRose of Sew Rosey has been very industrious in the run-up to Christmas and has been cross stitching more of my little FREE “Tis the Season” designs.


AND Kate of By the Babbling Brooke also made a little decoration, stitching on perforated paper.

jingle kate

You can find these designs, and others, on my FREE page.

8 thoughts on “sneak preview of purple placemats and more

  1. Ouch sounds right – keep a close eye on that wound – and make sure it does heal ok – lucky your MOTH was handy. Great job on the straight quilting – and your binding is well done – excellent

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