blackwork hearts in red

While rummaging for my red felt yesterday for the cat fabric squares, I came across a small piece of aida on which I had stitched a little blackwork heart. If I remember rightly, this little heart was a design from a Cross Stitcher magazine a few years back. I obviously thought it was pretty enough to stitch at the time. Maybe I was planning on making a card? I don’t remember. Anyway, I still think it’s pretty AND the little snow flakes reminded me that I had the perfect matching ribbon, bought at LIDL . . . so last night (instead of making headway with xmas pressies) I sat down and stitched a few more ^^

red heart decos

Still have one to finish, but it was time for bed, so will do that later on.

I am also very excited because my wheat has started sprouting ^^  Yay- it was sown on 4th December and has been sitting on top of a fish tank so that it gets some gentle heat from the tank lighting . . . it hasn’t all sprouted yet, but it’s only been 4 days, so I must be patient.

graines poussent


4 thoughts on “blackwork hearts in red

    • they were definitely a very quick stitch ^^
      and yes, they’re very effective.
      You can tell I am being inspired by ribbon at the moment lol.

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