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Hello everyone – like many (probably most) crafters, November and December are very busy months for me as I like to make as many gifts as possible and I always under-estimate the time it’s going to take lol. I’m not doing too badly this year: have several finished, one in progress and another one yet to start. I won’t show you photos of finished gifts until after Christmas though. It’s highly unlikely that the receivers will stop by, but you never know ^^ Besides, it will be just as much fun to do a grand unveiling in the New Year to show you what has been keeping me so busy.

Title of this post because I’ve decided to add a new category to my blog. Some bloggers prefer to open separate blogs for different crafts but I’m not really productive enough to do that so I’ll just diversify a little here.

The newest category is “knitting”.  I was going to call it “nitwit knitting” because I’m something of a novice in this department but I do hope to improve.  Anyway, despite secret pressie crafting, I have had time to start on something for myself.

green fuzzy scarf

Traditional projects for beginners are, I believe, scarves . . . and it’s the season for scarves . . . so this is what I’m knitting up. The yarn is wonderfully soft and fluffy . . . the colour is one of my favourites and looks like moss . . . am just doing everything in knit because any pattern wouldn’t show up with this yarn.  At the moment it’s about 30” long and 4” wide.  Idea being to make it extra long that I can wrap it round several times lol.

I’ll probably bore you all to death with many more scarves before I actually pluck up the courage to tackle a real pattern and make myself a cardie – so I apologise in advance ^^


7 thoughts on “new category

  1. I’m not much of a knitter either, Claire. Because I wanted a scarf like you are knitting and since it was nearly impossible to crochet with this yarn I picked up my knitting needles and the rest is history as they say. 🙂 I only knit small projects that require 2 needles. I look forward to seeing what you create. BTW, check out the fiberflux for some nice (and easy) patterns both in crochet and knitting. Enjoy.

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